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QUALITY CHEM is a leading organization dedicated to supplying products that produce high-value effects to the textiles. It is engaged in import, export, manufacturing and marketing of multi-generational specialty chemicals for textile industry. In addition to the high quality products, we offer a wide range of knowledge-based services and expertise, providing customers with complete solutions to enhance their productivity as well as business.

Dedicated research and development of innovative products and processes, intensive technical services, continuous modifications and improvements in existing product line, strict quality control and technical back-up in implementation of the state of the art processing tecnology, are the major driving forces of the company. We continuously expand the frontiers of the specialty chemicals to improve the trade performance.

Accomplished by teaming with companies on developing new generation products, we support textile as well as garment processing industry, to help the valued customers achieve global growth and to attain the highest level of quality working together hand to hand. We focus to cater to the clothing industry with international standard products, application know-how and strong commitment to services.

We are organized mainly in four market-focused segments: Textile processing, Garment washing washing, Yarn processing and Fabric/garments Printing.

Our ability to interpret market forecast and trends and to incorporate the same in our product development help us to achieve and retain highest level of customer satisfaction..... which is our prime objective.......
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